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Mobile Compatible Websites

A mobile compatible website is an HTML based website that doesn't contain Flash. It means that a website is viewable on a Smartphone or Tablet, but it is not optimized for these devices. These websites have been designed for web browsers on PCs with much larger screens and navigation using a mouse.

You will notice a few things about these websites when you attempt to browse them on your Smartphone or Tablet – you have to scroll left, right, up or down and figure out how the site “works”, media may load slower, text is tiny so you have to zoom in to read it and the links are small and difficult to click with your fingertip. Sound cumbersome? That’s because it is.

If you have done nothing to optimize your website for mobile devices, then it is likely compatible by default. It is also likely that visitors are abandoning your site pretty quickly. Why? Because poor experiences do not convert customers.

  • Big, ‘finger-friendly’ buttons and navigation

  • Requires users to scroll to see all information

  • Small text links that are difficult to click

  • Navigation designed for PC users (not mobile devices)

  • Media does not load quickly

  • Takes too long to load

  • Text is too small to easily read

  • Long paragraphs of text

  • Text and visuals seem out of place/un-organized

  • Difficult to navigate

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